10 Things You Must Know about Bi Dating

10 Things You Must Know about Bi Dating

Bisexuals and bisexuality exists, just like other LGBTQ communities, they don’t like be treat rudely. So when you have a bi dating on bi dating sites, the following 10 statements should bot be emitted, unless you are someone who don’t want to date with bis and gets happiness from others’ pain.

1. “You’ll return to heterosexual eventually”

Some people don’t know what is bisexuality clearly that they think we bis doesn’t exist. For them, bisexuals may just want to experience some strange sexual dating but ultimately the person will chooses one side. For these people, I have some words to them: bisexuality exists and is actually normal. dating sites for bisexuals

2. “You’ll overcome it” It’s common that some young people declare themselves bisexuals, which lead to a statement that bisexuality is a stage of life. And somebody have already get over it, but the others will overcome it later. Bisexuals are just being themselves, as you straight are being yourself. Don’t demean their choice by saying something so mean.

3. “Bisexuals spread HIV” It’s common sense that unprotected sex is unsafe, whether who you are or witch group. The crux of the matter is that you must always use protection and know your own as well as your partner’s status.There is something more vicious than that, which should be banned.

4. “Bis are mostly cheaters” It’s just like the previous state that a person’s sexual orientation doesn’t make him a cheater. In another word, we can find cheaters in every group and community. The cheater is, well, nothing more and no thing less.

5. “Well, then you’re gay now. Do you want to go with a man or go directly to a woman?” Bisexuals are bisexual in the morning, during the day and in the night. In summer and winter. In his youth and middle age. It’s not for him to leave it for a while, and to get rid of it at other times. See?

6. “So, don’t you think of a woman when you are with a man, a man when you are with a woman? ” There are a lot of people who are bisexual in monogamy and perfect happiness. And if they are only with one person, they will not miss another set of genitals. Guess what? The important thing is people, not the genitals!

7. ”The number of bisexuals is very small” This is obviously not true. Bisexuals may hesitate to “come out”, but this is not because they are a small community, because many bisexual singles are not out of the cupboard for various reasons.

8. “Bisexuality doesn’t care about their own promises.” This is another big mistake about bisexuality. A commitment to a relationship is a personality trait, not your sexual orientation. There are many people who are bisexual people on bisexual dating sites, like heterosexual people.

9. “Bisexuality is greedy.” No data confirms this widely accepted belief in bisexuality and is proposed by many straight, homosexual people. They are not as sexually greedy as anyone with a homosexual orientation.

10. “Bisexual 3some life It’s just a myth. Bisexuals are generally not more or less like 3some than other sexually oriented people. 3some, as an option, is likely to be a choice for all sexually oriented people.

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