Find Bisexuals, They Stay Around Me

Find Bisexuals, They Stay Around Me

My name is Ada, from San Francisco, a dentist. I had the word “bisexuality” in my mind when I was in college. He was not always talking and shy. One day, I walked out of the campus and saw a boy and another boy kissing under the tree on the road. It was not surprising,bi but when I saw the boy’s face, I was surprised, cause the boy was Larry. Later, I heard that classmates in the class said Larry was bisexual, so he is not really shy, but do not like to speak, the he was regarded as dissimilar eventually. This is my first real contact with bisexual. Then I went to work in the hospital and got to know a bisexual colleague, Mathia. But she is unlike other bisexuals, she is proud of her bisexuality. Suddenly, I also want to date a bisexual person. Out of curiosity, I read the article: “10 Things You Must Know about Bi Dating

In our afternoon tea conversation, she told us about her bisexual development history. She said she had a normal marriage, a 5 year old princess, her husband loved her very much, they also had very good sex life. But she was bisexual since she was a child. After marriage, this desire was stronger, hoping to find another girl she liked, and her husband supported her too. So she found her favorite woman on the local bi dating website and took her own feelings. Later, she met a girl named Jimmy, 24 years old. She is a beautician and a bisexual person. It may be that the feelings of each other are not wrong, so they are soon together, although there are some obstacles and setbacks in this period.

In this regard, I have some understanding and opinions about bisexuality, though not very comprehensive, but I think it can be used as a reference for ordinary people in bisexuality. First of all, bisexuals may be our friends, relatives or strangers, but they are closely related to bisexual choice. They have high and low income and poor treatment. It seems that some people choose to eat salad, and some people like the same drink. When meet bisexual singles or bisexual couples, I think we should respect their choices, don’t disturb their bisexual dates, and don’t hurt them. Because one day you may become bisexual.


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