Top 5 bisexual Dating Sites Reviews Of 2018

Top 1: Bicupid Review

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Chance of getting a date
Customer service
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Value for money

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Editor’s Review

Bi Cupid has always been one of the largest bisexual dating sites since it was built at 2001, it’s efficient matching system and excellent backstage services allow countless bisexual compatriots to reunderstand themselves and find their own paradise. The site claims to have about 900000 members, and every newcomer of it can easily find his own partner.

The cost of finding the Gold member (Signing-up is free)

 They offer three membership purchase options: (all prices are in US dollars)

6 months
$95.95 (about $15.95 / month)
3 months $59.95 (about $19.95 / month)
1 months $29.95 (about $1.00 / month)

When purchasing a gold membership through check card / credit card / PayPal, please be aware that their one- month memberships automatically renew unless they are notified to turn off the billing. For security purposes, they may contact you to verify your charge with SuccessfulMatch.

Its service characteristics

There’s countless bisexual people in the forest, but we have the whole forest. It’s what the has been saying for years. Now you should know how much it could cost to find your perfect date, it’s time to learn some of the features that can actually help you do it.

  • 1) Practical Advice & Tips — This is a bright spot for them, and it also proves the huge user group it owns. There are all kinds of suggestions, from editors, from members, and in other forums. They are well sorted out to help you understand bisexuality and understand the site.
  • 2) The most dedicated customer service staff — This is another big feature of bicupid. They guarantee that every member’s message is handled in a timely manner, and all of them are manually viewed and answered. If you feel bad, you can ask them to return all the expenses at any time. They want their sincerity to allow every member to like this place.
  • 3) Recommended Member — For some members, finding a date isn’t enough anymore. Recommended members take dating more seriously, and they are typically the members who are contemplating of tying the knot soon… that is if they find the perfect partners!
  • 4) Safe and ad-free and LGBT-friendly — The site’s blog mainly consist of helpful dating tips and success stories. What’s more, it’s a ad-free site that all the ads that are not related to the site do not exist, and its simple and clean web site can give users a better experience. In addition, its members are not just bisexuals, but also it welcomes people who come from LGBT groups and love bisexuality.
  • 5) Free and paid members — paying members will seriously increase the chances that members find their match, but the free members are not so bad. If you are loyal to yourself and create a perfect image that matches your personality, you can get a good appointment without paying the membership fees.

Other Features

Some of the other unique functions of are sharing video and sending or receiving greeting cards. In addition, there is also a daily news service where you can read the latest news about bisexuality, such as the latest FDA’s policy on gay or bisexual men and women.

Our summary

Considering the trend we are seeing, we think it has a great potential to continue to occupy an important position in the days after the bisexual dating sites. is easy to dominate the game of bisexual dating. Its practical functions and practical useful skills prevent all obstacles in the dating process from being excluded. This is a dating website for bisexual, double curious and gender fluid singles or couples, whether they are looking for a serious relationship, or just an interesting and casual appointment.


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